Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry Hong Kong (BCCIHK) was set up as a business support group on 16th May 2014, aiming to:

  • Continue to build and reinforce new and existing value-added relationships between Bangladesh and Hong Kong, Macau and China by establishing and maintaining effective partnerships with business enterprises, governments, other business chambers and stakeholder agencies.
  • Attract, serve and retain a membership that reflects Hong Kong and Bangladesh’s evolving and diversified business community and their interests.
  • Provide services, resources and programs that enables the success of our members.
  • Continually enhance the position of BCCIHK as an authoritative voice for businesses and professionals across all industries.
  • Initiate, support or oppose legislative or other policies in trade, commerce, shipping and manufacturing which affects Bangladesh, Hong Kong and China.

BCCIHK is a not for profit membership organisation which utilises membership fees and other income to provide support and resources to businesses and institutions across Hong Kong and China that wish to trade with Bangladesh.

BCCIHK has a dedicated Board of volunteer Directors and a small team of officers who have worked hard to make BCCIHK a successful brand in supporting the business community and therefore the wider community.