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Welcome to Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry Hong Kong

BCCIHK is a not for profit membership organisation which utilises membership fees and other income to provide support and resources to businesses and institutions across Hong Kong and China that wish to trade with Bangladesh. BCCIHK has a dedicated Board of volunteer Directors and a small team of officers who have worked hard to make BCCIHK a successful brand in supporting the business community and therefore the wider community.

10 Mega Projects

megaproject 01 1 Padma Bridge megaproject 02 1 Dhaka Metro Rail megaproject 03 1 Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant megaproject 04 1 Padma Rail Link Project megaproject 05 2 Chattogram - Cox's Bazar Rail Line megaproject 06 1 Matarbari Coal Power Plant megaproject 08 1 Matarbari Coal Power Plant megaproject 09 1 Sonadia Deep Sea Port megaproject 10 LNG Terminal

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Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry Hong Kong
Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry Hong Kong1 week ago
Our Chamber President Mr Ikram Ahmed Khan was greeted by Mr Jonathan CHOI Koon-shum Chairman of Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong on the occasion of celebration of CGCC's 120th founding anniversary.
Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry Hong Kong
Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry Hong Kong3 weeks ago
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

South China Morning Post

Hong Kong authorities plan to do away with public consultation and unveil proposals to expand voting for Hongkongers on mainland China before the city’s leader delivers her annual policy address, the Post has learned.Sources familiar with the matter revealed that top officials have ruled out postal voting and are inclined to set up only “a handful” of polling stations in major mainland cities, including Guangdong municipalities under the Greater Bay Area, to ensure there will be adequate… [...]

Patients suffering from psoriasis have urged the government to grant greater access to advanced treatments and offer more subsidies to help them afford the medication.Between 20,000 and 40,000 Hongkongers suffer from the chronic, but non-contagious, disease, according to an estimate by the Hong Kong Psoriasis Patients Association. Aside from causing itchy and inflamed skin, psoriasis also comes with other health issues, including heart and joint problems, known as psoriatic arthritis, as well… [...]

Supporters of 12 Hong Kong fugitives detained in mainland China for more than two months staged demonstrations around the world at the weekend calling for their release, ahead of an online event conducted by relatives hoping to bolster support.The demonstrations follow numerous activists and sympathisers – Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg among them – taking to social media in recent weeks, posting photos of themselves alongside the message “#save12hkyouths”.The Hongkongers were… [...]

Hong Kong authorities will step up the amount of help offered to local young people looking to take up internships or set up businesses in mainland China, the city’s deputy leader has said, noting that local youth have certain comparative advantages over their counterparts over the border.Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, writing on his official blog on Sunday, also dismissed suggestions Hong Kong would be marginalised or “mainlandised” by its Chinese neighbours, such as the tech hub… [...]

A woman campaigning to have her daughter’s suspected killer sent to Taiwan to face justice called off a meeting with Hong Kong police at the last minute on Sunday.The mother of Poon Hiu-wing accused authorities of not being sincere in their desire to hold the meeting, after police failed to respond to a list of questions she issued on Saturday night.Poon was killed on the self-ruled island in 2018, and authorities there believe her boyfriend at the time, Chan Tong-kai, was involved.On Friday,… [...]

Mainland China’s return to growth will help the Hong Kong economy recover from its battering by the coronavirus, according to the city’s financial chief, who predicted a “significant improvement” to third-quarter performance and exports in September.But achieving that progress depended on how well Hong Kong contained the spread of Covid-19, a fight that had already strained public resources, Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po said.Chan’s optimism follows a week in which the daily number of new… [...]

Hong Kong universities have recorded a decline in average admission scores for first-year students on even the most coveted courses – such as law, medicine and business – with fewer applicants meaning less competition for places.A Post analysis found that at least four of the eight publicly funded local universities – Chinese University, the University of Science and Technology, City and Lingnan universities – recorded lower entry scores for more than half of their courses compared to last year… [...]

The day after Thailand’s military government shut down Bangkok’s rail system to restrain the growing anti-government movement last week, a message supportive of the campaign was graffitied on a bridge 1,550km from the kingdom.The hashtag #StandWithThailand was sprayed onto a bridge in the middle-class neighbourhood of Taikoo in Hong Kong. It remained unclear who did it, but pictures of the message quickly appeared on social media.In the residential neighborhood of Taikoo on #HongKong Island, we… [...]

Beijing’s restraint over intervening in the prosecution of national security cases in Hong Kong is proof the city’s high degree of autonomy has not been undermined by the new law, a legal heavyweight has told a forum.Another expert said at the same event that the crossfire between China and Britain over granting citizenship to the city’s residents who held BN(O) passports in the wake of the legislation was “carefully calibrated at both ends”.The Beijing-mandated law contains a provision… [...]

Just like the young Dick Whittington of English folklore who found out the hard way centuries ago that the streets of London were not in fact paved with gold, many Hongkongers getting excited over Britain’s great offer of a “pathway to citizenship” are in for bitter disappointment.Purportedly out of overwhelming concern for the safety of their loyal former colonial subjects, the people in charge of good ol’ Blighty announced this week that they were creating a special class of visa for… [...]

Bangladesh Business News

Farm loan disbursement grew by 32 per cent in the first quarter of this fiscal year following implementation of stimulus package along with interest subsidy The post Farm credit disbursement grows by 32% in Q1 of FY ’21 appeared first on Bangladesh Business News. [...]

The call money rate dropped significantly on Tuesday as the central bank injected fund continuously through buying the US dollar from the banks The post Bangladesh’s call money rate falls significantly appeared first on Bangladesh Business News. [...]

Bangladesh Business News prepares the morning business round up compiling reports, published by different newspapers and news portals in Bangladesh The post Thursday’s morning business round up of Bangladesh appeared first on Bangladesh Business News. [...]

Stocks rebound strongly on Wednesday as investors went on a buying spree on large-cap issues riding on a number of regulatory bold steps The post Bangladesh’s stocks rebound strongly amid renewed optimism appeared first on Bangladesh Business News. [...]

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